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Trainer spotlight: County Deer Stalking

We are pleased to welcome County Deer Stalking as a new training provider with SkillSeeder. They have a range of courses and masterclasses from deer stalking, to skinning and butchering, and even cooking venison with a Michelin start Chef!

County Deer Stalking is the UK’s leading provider of Deer Stalker Training and Deer Stalking Outings. They also run the UK’s very first online magazine fully devoted to Deer Stalking. They post regular articles, short films and reviews by professional stalkers and leading industry professionals.

Deer Stalking is a term used in the UK that refers to deer being hunted on foot. The intention of hunting the deer is for food/and or to manage the deer population. Did you know that deer have no natural predators in the UK? As a result, deer numbers have increased substantially. To manage a healthy population and limit the damage to the UK’s countryside, selective and careful culling is carried out by credible organisations such as County Deer Stalking.

As well as the courses/masterclasses that County Deer Stalking offer, they also run a club for likeminded individuals called The Capreolus Club. The club is committed to the environment, betterment of species via the careful selection of sustainable, wild, free-range animals to the reduction of CO2 through a climate focused diet. This is supported by the fact that as a company, County Deer Stalking have selected the ‘Country food trust’ as a charity to work closely with. ‘Country food trust’ have provided over one million game-based meals to people in food poverty. When you sign up for the ‘Proficient Deer Stalker certificate level 1 (PDS1)’, £10.00 is donated to the charity. A great initiative, which helps to make a difference.

County Deer Stalking really have thought their course offering through - creating a dynamic range of courses from start to finish. Firstly, you can learn how to stalk and select deer on the PDS1 course or Dear Stalking Certificate, then you can sign up to their online ‘Gralloching and Inspection Class’ where you will learn how to handle and process a deer carcass. Following on perfectly from this is a course on Skinning and butchering which is delivered by Ben Heath of ‘The Deer Box & Mike Robinson Fine Foods’, winner of the ‘Eat Game Awards 2019 Best Small Retailer Selling Game’ – Leading distributor of UK Venison, Supplier of Venison to Michelin Star Restaurants. This course is a series of videos which you can refer to time and time again, offering great value for money. To complete the process, they offer a ‘Venison Cooking Masterclass’ which is delivered by Michelin Star Chef Chaniotis. This course teaches you how to cook and present six delicious venison dishes.

The varied, credible and carefully crafted courses offered by County Deer Stalking not only educates people on how to hunt responsibly, but of equal importance, it also ensures that there is a use for the carcass. To find out more about these courses, and to book, click here.

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