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About us..

SkillSeeder originated as a skill sharing marketplace. You could share a skill, or search for courses listed with us and be directed to the training provider. Part of this service was managing Scottish Government training funds through our platform, the most recent ones being Women in Agriculture and Women in Forestry.

From working closely with training providers, we became aware of many of the challenges that they face. Our Managing Director is also a qualified first aid trainer, so we have first-hand knowledge of the paperwork required to run a training event from start to finish. This is what inspired us to create Captis.

Captis has been designed to innovate training delivery as we know it. By setting up training event forms and materials electronically, Captis removes the need for pen and paper, printing, scanning, emailing and shredding. The forms are completed digitally in one app, securely and efficiently. 

As the Captis app has developed, so have we as a company. Whilst we are no longer a skill sharing platform, we have diversified and provide software development as a service. We offer development of existing or new mobile apps, websites, services, API's and integrations. 

Interested in finding out more about Captis or our software development servicers? Check out the Development Services and Captis Training Management pages on our website.

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