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Captis: Custom Digital Forms

The purpose behind Captis is to replace the need for pen and paper when running a training event. When setting up your Captis account as a training provider, you upload all of your usual forms to your account. Therefore, when creating a training event for one of your trainers to run, you pick your desired date, pick the venue and select all of the forms that you require them to complete. All of this will then be visible in the trainers app for them to consider, complete and submit electronically once the training event is complete.

The forms for you to upload are fully customisable, therefore there is no restrictions as to what you can and cant put into them. When it comes to updating your forms, Captis makes this process a lot easier. All you need to do is select your desired form in your Captis account, click options and then edit to make any changes you need.

Without Captis there likely a a risk that trainers could be using out of date paperwork if they use forms that they store themselves. Captis eliminates this worry as your once you edit a form on your end in the website, when creating training events from then on, everything will automatically be updated with the current version. Therefore, your trainers will always be using and submitted the most up to date versions of your assessment, registration, risk assessment and completion forms.

Captis has been designed fully with the trainer in mind to make everything as seamless as possible.

With Captis, it also reduces the need to email your trainers different forms ahead of training events or hoping that they are using the correct ones for the correct venue/course. It is only natural for mistakes to happen when it comes to paperwork (See our previous blog about how Captis will help to reduce human error). When you create the training event in Captis you can add specific risk assessment forms for specific venues. There is therefore no risk that at an outdoor venue, the trainer will complete an indoor risk assessment form.

Another feature with the forms in Captis is that you can archive them at any time. If you have a course that you no longer offer and therefore do not need the forms for it in your data base, you can send them to your archive. You are not deleting them so they can therefore be restored and edited at any point.

If you would like to see the Captis forms function in action, check out our YouTube account; Captis Website - Forms - YouTube.


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