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Captis: Offline Functionality

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

We hope that you have seen our earlier Blog introducing Captis, if not we would recommend reading it first – click here. We are now going to write about key features of the app so stay tuned for more blogs to come!

In this blog, we are going to focus on the app’s offline functionality. If you’re thinking ‘An app wont suit trainers in remote locations’ – You’d be wrong! Captis supports complete offline use so it can be used by trainers on the highest of hills, in the middle of absolutely nowhere, with not even a hint of internet connection or WIFI.

When using the app, it always gives you the option to download the training event and any required materials onto your device ahead of time. The idea being, when you are at home/somewhere with internet connection, you download the event before you leave for the training venue. We recommend that this is a good habit to get into when using Captis as if you are travelling to a new venue, you might not know whether or not you will have connection.

The app will allow you to do everything as if you had internet connection, you will notice no difference. The only thing that it can’t do without internet is upload the completed event to the back end immediately for the office staff to review. It will show as ‘Completed’ and ‘Not Synced’ (see first image above). All you would need to do is launch the app once you have returned somewhere with internet (see last image).

Another key feature of the app to help with this situation is ‘Trainer Notes’. The training providers office staff that set up the training event in Captis and assign it to a trainer, always has the option to add notes to any event they create. Therefore, if they are aware the venue has no wifi, they can add this in notes for the trainers, so they are prompted to ensure it is downloaded onto their device (see middle image above). This is also a great way to add trainer feedback for future events.

We understand that technology can be daunting at times, but the app has been designed to be fool proof. The feedback we have received to date has been nothing short of brilliant. Individuals who were hesitant about switching from pen and paper to an app, have told us they will never go back.

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