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Software Development Services

At SkillSeeder, we are always aiming to diversify and grow. Therefore, we are expanding our business and are now offering software development as a service.

We can offer development of existing or new Mobile Apps, Websites, Services, API's and Integrations. 

We produce clean, well-tested, maintainable code to your quality and documentation standards.

While working for you we see ourselves fully as part of your team; communicating, sharing knowledge, following your processes and learning together. 

Our Managing Director, David Ritchie (left) and Technical Director, Simon Rigden (right) have decades of software development experience, ranging from successful high volume distribution systems and websites, to security (CCTV) and low-level embedded systems. 


We can provide custom development in a wide range of languages and frameworks with expertise in:

  • Node.js plus Express with Typescript/JavaScript 

  • Flutter/Dart

  • C#


  • Blazor

  • C++

  • Python

  • Docker

  • Testing Frameworks (NUnit, Jest, mocking etc.)

  • Cloud hosting platforms (Google Cloud, Firebase, AWS)

Please note, we are willing to work with any language/framework and are not limited to the last above.

"We used SkillSeeder’s development services on a recent project and have been very impressed with their work. We needed help integrating a new software feature into our existing system and SkillSeeder quickly understood our needs and developed a solution that was both efficient and effective, whilst meeting all our requirements".

Please get in touch with us at to discuss your development needs!

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