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Captis: Reduces human error

One of the huge benefits of Captis is the fact it eliminates the need for pen and paper. As a result, this helps to reduce human error.

Through extensive discussions with training providers whilst developing Captis, we established what the common errors are when processing paperwork. One of them being that the trainers can submit incomplete paperwork as an oversight. Therefore, when it comes to the office staff reviewing the paperwork to issue certificates etc, if there is a page missing, or a blank field, they must return to the trainer to see if they can recall the missing information. As it is a requirement for trainers to shred paperwork once it has been scanned and emailed to their provider, this can be a nightmare. Another common issue with pen and paper, is of course, reading peoples handwriting. When trainers are under time pressures during a course, their handwriting might not be at its best. Again, this will only cause delays from either working out what things say, or by going back and forward with the trainer to find out exactly what they have written. When you use Captis to run a training event, you avoid both of these issues.

One of Captis’s many clever features, is that it will not let you complete an event without

having fully finished all the required forms. The app tracks your progress by updating the form icon with a percentage of completion. If you try to complete the training event without all the icons turning green, which indicates that they are 100% completed, then you will see an error message. You will know exactly which form is incomplete as it will be red still with the percentage showing. And of course, by using an app to assess you’re your course attendees, there is no need to handwrite anything. The app allows you to add notes for attendees at each stage should you wish to flag something important. If someone failed an assessment criteria, then notes become mandatory, so the office staff know exactly what happened.

We have also been told that trainers can occasionally miss attendees signatures on the day of the training. Gathering a signature post training event can be extremely difficult and no doubt time consuming. Another smart feature of Captis is how it will also allow you to obtain an attendees signature in the app, similar to how you would for a parcel delivery these days. It even allows the applicant to delete and start over should they make a mistake when signing. The same way as the app will not allow trainers to complete the event with missing fields in forms, it will also not let them complete it if there is a signature missing.

We really have tried to think of everything when it has come to developing Captis. The real goal throughout has been to make life easier for trainers. We are proud to say that the feedback we continue to receive suggests is that this objective has been met.

Please do not hesitate to email us at if you would like to discuss Captis further.

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