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Deliver Seamless Training.

Discover the next generation of efficiency with Captis. Revolutionise your training business.

At SkillSeeder, we work closely with training providers and have become familiar with challenges that many face. Also, our Managing Director is a qualified first aid trainer, so we have first-hand knowledge of all the paperwork required to run a training event from start to finish. This is what inspired us to create Captis. 

By setting up training event forms and materials online, Captis removes the need for pen and paper, printing, scanning, and shredding. The forms are completed digitally in one app, securely and efficiently.  

Some of the things you can expect from Captis are:

  • Paperless training event delivery  

  • Increased productivity  

  • Reduced human error 

  • Increased security and GDPR compliance  

  • Custom digital forms 

  • Offline functionality  

  • TMS integration 

  • Improved business insights 

The app has been through a field trial and the feedback has been excellent. Trainers have told us “the Captis app was fool proof” and “It's a great app”.  A member of administration staff for the training provider said "I'm really enjoying using Captis! It's saved me a huge amount of time when processing course work and tracking completed courses etc".








A Few Captis Features

Configure and deliver forms digitally 

The forms are configured by the training provider via the Captis website. They are then available immediately for the trainer to view and complete digitally in their app. Once the trainer has completed their training event, the results are available immediately for the provider to view at their end in the website. No emailing, printing or scanning required.  

The types of forms available are: 

  • Registration Form to register attendees who turn up but are not already registered. 

  • A Risk Assessment Form to complete the risk assessment on a specific venue. 

  • An Assessment Form for evaluating and passing or failing attendees. 

  • Attendance Form – these are attached to specific sessions to record attendance and ID verification as necessary. 

  • A Completion Form for some final checks before the course is completed.  

Deliver training events digitally with ease 

To avoid human error, the Captis app tracks form completion progress. The trainer using the app can see how far along they are with the required forms for their course.  

The app ensures the trainer has fully completed all forms. Therefore, the training provider would never receive incomplete paperwork.  If for any reason a trainer is unable to complete a section of a form, they can add a note to explain why.

In some situations (e.g. a failed assessment), a note is mandatory explaining why this has happened so that the provider can see the full picture. 

Manual Registration

Attendance forms are required at the start of each session. The training provider decides what information they want gathered at the event and create the attendance form accordingly. The trainer can then register individuals on the day using the app. 

One of the key app features is that it allows attendees to sign in via the app app, similar to how you would sign for a delivery. The feedback on this has been great with trainers confirming that they have had no difficulties from attendees with this step. 

Offline operation

Captis provides flexibility to work offline when Wifi/4G isn't accessible at a training venue. The app allows the trainer to download everything they need ahead of time, use the app when delivering the training and then upload everything once they are somewhere with Wifi/4G again.  

Review and process course results


Once the trainer has completed the training event, it is available within the website for the training provider to review. When viewing the event, it provides a summary of the outcome of the event (e.g. the completed forms, assessment pass or fail). There is also the option to go through each form or focus on an individual attendee.  The training provider can also export everything into a document to review and file accordingly. If there are any issues with the information entered by the trainer, the provider can update the event to allow the trainer to make corrections in the app. Once happy, the provider can mark the course as processed. 

We can offer seamless Integration with your existing training management systems (such as Arlo) – just get in touch to discuss! 

"Its early days for us using Captis but immediately we are aware of the difference that it’s making to our processes - so much more efficient at all stages, zero chance of any missed signatures or other info, no paper to print and scan or send, and the ability to check into a course remotely is fantastic for our internal quality assurance.   We’re really excited to see where Captis will take us next!"

Find out how Captis can benefit your training business.
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