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Captis Subscriptions

Whether you're a self-employed trainer, or a large training corporation, there is a Captis package available for everyone!

captis features

Digital Forms

Create your event forms digitally, instead of on paper, for trainers to complete direct in the app. 

These include your attendance, risk assessment, and completion forms etc. The results are then available for you to view immediately.

Trainer App

Your trainers download a free app to access and complete your events digitally rather than with pen and paper.

Available on iOS and Android.

Offline Funcionality

The Captis app supports complete offline use.


Download the event ahead of time, run your training event as normal and upload your forms once you have connection again. It really is that simple!

Event Calendar

Create re-useable event templates, complete with forms and training materials, and assign them to events in your calendar. 

back office functionality 

Instead of waiting for scanned paperwork, as soon as an event is complete in Captis, the results are available to review online.  

Arlo integration

If you are already using Arlo to schedule your training events, we are able to synchronise your events directly into the Captis calendar.  

*Included with the large provider subscription only

Trainer Invitation

As a training provider, Captis allows you to invite trainers to your pool. 

When creating an event, you then assign it to one of the trainers in your pool.

PDF Generation

After you have reviewed the completed training event forms, you can generate a PDF with all the results should you wish it to file away. 

captiis helpdesk

As a Captis customer you will have access to our Captis help desk. We are on hand to help with any questions you may have.

Want to see Captis in action?

Why don't you check out our YouTube channel!

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