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Captis FAQs

Hopefully, you'll find the answer to your question below but if not, please email us at and we'd be happy to help.

Can I add a registration on the second day / after the training has started?

If a candidate arrives at your course late or on the second day only, you can go back to the registration form and add them in manually. This however will mean that any previously completed assessment forms will require you to go back and complete them for the new candidate. 

What do I do if a candidate is partially absent?

If for example, you are running a two-day training course and a candidate who was present in the first session is now absent for the second, they will be greyed out and you will no longer be able to access their results from the first session. If you need to change anything for the candidate in their earlier session, you have to change their status from 'Absent' to 'Present'. This will allow you to go back to edit their results.  Then you can go back and mark them as 'Absent' again.

Can I edit pass / fail checkboxes?

The app allows you to edit anything previously checked on the forms.  If you have accidentally marked someone as passing certain criteria but they have actually failed, you can go back to that specific form and change your selection. You can also add notes at any time or amend any existing notes. 

Can I undo a selection on a form?

If you mark the wrong person as 'Pass or Fail' or 'Present or Abscent' etc, you can press the same button again to clear the selection.

Why can't I start an event?

The Captis app will not let you start an event until the day before the scheduled start day at the earliest.  You are only able to view the event and information added by the providers themselves. 

Why is my completed event showing as ‘Not Synced’?

If you have completed a training event at a venue with no Wi-Fi, once you have completed the event, as there is no internet connection the app will be unable to upload it to the back end. Therefore, the event will be sitting as ‘Not Synced’ and all you need to do is launch the app once you have an internet connection again.

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