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Captis: Paperless Training Event Delivery

We hope that you have been keeping up-to-date with our blog posts about some of Captis’s smart features. As previously mentioned, the primary purpose of Captis is to allow trainers to deliver a training event without the need for paper. By removing pen and paper, Captis is helping to reduce human error but it also enables businesses to become more environmentally friendly.

If you work in the training industry you will know, everything is still done with pen and paper. From taking a registrar at the beginning of the day, to assessing attendees on each of the required criteria. The trainer will usually have a clipboard and pen to mark individuals on their assessments and write important notes. If a trainer is running a complex course with several attendees, then you can imagine how many pieces of paper they could end up with. If Captis was introduced to your business, you would remove the need for your training staff to print off all this paper, to ultimately shred it all at the end of the day when complying with GDPR policies.

Did you know that paper accounts for about 25% of landfill waste and 33% of municipal waste?

The idea is that the training provider/company uses Captis and invites their training staff to download the app and deliver their training courses using it. The provider would set up everything via the back-end website, creating all the electronic forms which the trainers will complete and submit digitally. The forms have easy pass or fail buttons, as well as the option to add trainer notes if required. Everything down to obtaining attendee signatures is all done in the app.

If you are thinking about the lack of WIFI in a remote venue, check out our blog regarding Captis’s offline functionality.

We have even thought about specific presentations or course materials that you might need your trainers to present. You add these into Captis ready for the trainer to download onto their device, or send them to the device they use to deliver the training. Therefore, a presentation can be sent easily to their laptop for presenting, and they can use their mobile phone/tablet to run Captis and assess the candidates.

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