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Captis Training Management

Are you tired of putting pen to paper whilst running a training event? Do you still have to pring, scan, email and shred documents? Do you still spend hours checking paperwork is complete, error-free and secure? Captis has been created to replace all of these laborious tasks!


"It has saved me a huge amount of time"

Discover the next generation of efficiency with Captis and revolutionise your training business.



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Software Development Services 

We can offer development of existing or new Mobile Apps, Websites, Services, API's and Integrations.

We produce clean, well-tested, maintainable code to your quality and documentation standards.

We have decades of software development experience and are ready to help you and your business!


Its early days for us using Captis but immediately we are aware of the difference that it’s making to our processes - so much more efficient at all stages, zero chance of any missed signatures or other info, no paper to print and scan or send, and the ability to check into a course remotely is fantastic for our internal quality assurance.   We’re really excited to see where Captis will take us next!

We used SkillSeeder’s development services on a recent project and have been very impressed with their work. We needed help integrating a new software feature into our existing system and SkillSeeder quickly understood our needs and developed a solution that was both efficient and effective, whilst meeting all our requirements.

I'm really enjoying using Captis! It's saved me a huge amount of time when processing course work and tracking completed courses etc

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