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Technology in the workplace

As time goes on, technology advances, and as much as this can be exciting for some people, it can also be a worry for others. There is something about putting pen to paper that feels natural since it is one of the first things we learn to conquer as children. But when it comes to being productive in the workplace, pen and paper doesn't usually come out on top.

Since the pandemic, there has been a variety of changes to how workplaces operate, including their use of technology. If you went to a bar or restaurant once restrictions eased, you will be familiar with the introduction of QR codes on tables to order and pay for items using your mobile phone. The virus helped to overcome barriers with technology. It is said that Covid 19 has accelerated digital transformation by seven years.

Lots of industries have embraced technology for many years, but as a result of working closely with training providers, we noticed that their industry was not one of them. Through conversations and the fact that our Managing Director is a qualified first aid trainer, we discovered that training delivery lacked the support of technology. This is what inspired us to develop Captis.

If you are unfamiliar with the training industry, without Captis, they deliver in-person training courses using pen and paper. The trainer has to take a register at the beginning of the day, they would then usually then go around with a clipboard and pen, marking each candidate against the course criteria, taking any notes where required. There is also a risk assessment form that needs to be done at a venue and a completion form once the course has ended. The trainer would then need to collate all of their paperwork, checking nothing has been missed, before scanning and emailing everything to where it needs to go. They would then need to ensure that they follow their company's GDPR policy and carefully dispose of the paperwork.

Captis introduces technology to the training industry as everything mentioned above can be done safely and securely in one app. There is no need for a trainer to carry bits of paper around whilst they assess their candidates. They can use the app on their phone or a tablet, confirm if someone has passed or failed something with the touch of a button, and have access to criteria descriptions from the touch of a button. They can also type in notes so there is no need to worry about handwriting and spelling as your device will automatically check everything the same as it would when you are typing a text message.

We understand technology can be daunting, but we are proud to say that trainers who have used Captis have confirmed how user-friendly it is.

We have written several Captis blogs and would recommend checking them out if you are interested in finding out more!

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