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Captis: Survey Results

Right from the start, we have been working closely with The First Aid Training Cooperative (FATC) who have been involved with the development of Captis. This therefore allowed the app and website to be tested in real life situations along the way.

The involvement of FATC to date has meant that we have been able to learn exactly what would be needed to digitalise training delivery and make the full process easier for the trainer. As the app has been tested at each stage, we have been able to iron out any technical issues and add new features where required.

Throughout the process, FATC still used their original CRM system, Arlo, to take bookings for their training courses. To link the systems, we integrated Arlo’s API with Captis so that FATC’s bookings, candidates, and reference numbers all pull through into their Captis account.

FATC have been using Captis for some time now and have rolled out the app to all of their trainers. Now that the app has been in use for several months, we asked their trainers to complete a survey in order that we could receive feedback on their experiences.

When asking the trainers what features they like most about the Captis App, most of the comments refer to how easy it is to use:

  • “Ease of use, very intuitive and peace of mind knowing I can finish a training day with the paperwork already submitted”.

  • “Ease of use - Captis is user friendly, logical and clearly laid out to support completion of tasks”.

  • “Very easy to complete, straightforward”.

This is exactly what we wanted to hear regarding Captis's Trainer Assistant App. As it was created to replace the pen and paper forms, it needed to be equally as simple for a trainer to use when delivering an event.

When we asked how much time Captis is saving them, most people confirmed that over an hour of their time is saved per day. This is because once they have completed the training event in the Captis app, their job is done. Previously, they would still need to scan all of their completed paper forms, email them onto FATC’s administration staff, then shred everything to comply with GDPR rules.

  • No need to pre-write paper forms or check that the forms have been completed correctly due to the functionality of the app not letting you submit forms unless they are complete”.

  • “Printing, manual completion, scanning and emailing of paper documents. Writing out attendance and assessment lists by hand, waiting for participants to complete registration by hand. Less time spent deciphering illegible handwriting”.

When we asked the trainers if they felt Captis has improved the way in which they process their paperwork, 93% of people answers Yes.

Another piece of fantastic feedback we received was:

“Fabulous app which saves me time and money (paper, ink, printing consumables) and which streamlines classes. The digital recording looks cleaner and more professional than a bundle of papers and is easy to use”.

We are absolutely delighted about the feedback we have received to date. As Captis continues to develop and grow, we look forward to hearing how it helps to improve course delivery within the training industry.

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