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Join SkillSeeder at EIE 2021

#EIE21 is just around the corner. Join SkillSeeder on the 10th June at the premier technology investor showcase, where data-driven tech start-ups will pitch for investment.

At EIE there is more than just pitching though –from keynote speakers from business, government, education and technology to incredible networking opportunities, EIE is the most important event of the year for anyone involved in the nine key sectors or looking to invest:

-AI and Data Science

-Energy, Climate and Cleantech

-Digital Health and Medtech

-Fintech and Cybersecurity

-Smart Cities and Mobility

-Robotics and Autonomy

-Internet of Things-Creative Design and Media Tech

So find out more about the International Market Square, and all of the opportunities at EIE21, or book a ticket now:

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