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Captis: A Trainer Assistant App

In today’s world, technology is continuing to advance and whilst it might be daunting at times, it is also exciting. In the training industry, there are a variety of Learning Management Systems (LMS's) available that help training companies and their trainers organise courses, clients, and calendars. The resources for training companies are endless, however what is missing is technology that directly helps the trainers deliver in-person training courses. This is what Captis has been created to do.

Captis has been designed with the trainer in mind. At SkillSeeder, we speak to a variety of training providers and individuals as they list their courses on our platform. Through discussions we have become familiar with some of the challenges that they face. As well as this, our Managing Director is a qualified first aid trainer, so he has experienced these challenges first-hand.

Did you know that in-person training, without Captis, is fully delivered via paper? When arriving at a venue, the trainer needs to complete a risk assessment form. When applicants arrive, a register needs to be taken along with ID checks and sometimes a signature needs to be captured. The trainer needs to assess each applicant on the course and record whether they have passed or failed, sometimes needing to take specific notes. At the end of the day the trainer then needs to complete the session and sign off themselves before scanning, emailing, and shredding the paperwork, making sure that GDPR is followed along the way. As you can imagine, as well as being extremely time consuming, there is a lot of paperwork. Human error is inevitable, things can be missed, paperwork can get lost, and forms can be incorrect. Captis reduces these risks as everything is done in the app.

One of the key features of the app is that it will not let you complete the event unless everything is captured within the forms. For example, if you have missed an attendee’s signature, it makes it extremely clear so you can rectify it there and then.

The app has also considered venues without signal or Wi-Fi, the app allows you to download everything onto your phone ahead of time in order that you can use it as normal. It will save everything as you go and once you are somewhere with internet connection again, you can upload accordingly.

The app has the two sides, the trainer delivery app and then the office website for administration staff to consider and review the completed courses. It even has the function to turn the results into a PDF and print off should you still wish a hard copy to file.

There are so many exciting features to the Captis app, and it is continuing to develop and improve. We are looking forward to seeing what the future holds for Captis. All we can say right now is, watch this space.

If you are interested in finding out more about the Captis app, please contact us at as we would be happy to arrange a call or demo accordingly.

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