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The advantages of face-to-face training

Technology has proven vital this past year as we navigate the pandemic and find a way to live and work remotely.

Keeping in touch with friends and family via messaging and video calls, scrolling through social media for the latest posts, and meeting online with colleagues, has all been made possible through embracing tech in our day to day.

But what about when it comes to training? What are the benefits of in person learning compared to e-learning? We believe that it all depends on the person, the location and ultimately the learners ‘learning style’. However, there are many advantages of training in person that are worth considering when learning a new skill. We’ve pulled together some of our favourites in our blog today.

Keeping focussed

When people attend instructor led training, whether it be in a classroom or on site, they are better able to focus on what’s being taught. There are fewer distractions, such as the phone ringing, the dog barking, the postman knocking, enabling the learner to be fully ‘in the zone’. It’s also less tempting to multitask during the training session – such as answering the odd email that comes in or making a quick cup of tea!

Real world examples

During face to face learning we can immerse ourselves in our instructor's stories and gain a better understanding of their real-world examples. All helpful stuff when considering how new skills can be applied to our lives.

Tailored training

One of the great things about in person training is that it can be adapted. The trainer can gain a better understanding through the learners' body language. They can follow the classes lead and tailor the content to suit.

Practice makes perfect!

As the old saying goes, practice makes perfect. In person training creates an opportunity to practise there and then. Participants can learn through trial and error, as well as learning tips and tricks from others in the group and the trainer; ultimately allowing them to get the most from the session.

Opportunity to ask questions

Although there is an opportunity to ask questions during an e-learning session, in person allows for digging a little deeper. The exact answers we’re looking for can be found through easier conversation with the instructor, ensuring we take the most away from the session.

Learning from others In person learning makes it easier for teamwork and to learn from other participants in the group. It also allows for problem solving together, and most importantly, networking! Meet like-minded individuals or others who have similar interests and may be able to assist further on your learning journey.

What makes SkillSeeder unique is that we are creating a marketplace for both online AND in person training in communities.

Existing training platforms tend to be sector specific, but SkillSeeder is different because it covers all industries, learning preferences and walks of life. We’re making it possible for people to specify their learning style.

SkillSeeder removes barriers to learning. If you prefer online learning, then there will be a trainer nearby to welcome you, but if you’re keen to embrace in-person training to perfect your new skill then you’ll have a network of SkillSeeder trainers ready to help you and embark on your new learning journey.

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