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Are you a training provider who would like to run a course for a Scottish Government training fund? Then read on...


We've made it quick and easy for great training providers to get involved with Government funded training. If you have a course(s) that relate to any of the upcoming training fund's, then create a FREE SkillSeeder account within our Trainer Portal to get started!

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What is the SkillSeeder Training Portal and how does it work?  

The SkillSeeder Training Portal is a safe and secure system, which we have developed in partnership with the Scottish Government and Lantra Scotland. Its a one stop shop for managing your course listings on SkillSeeder and funded training applications.


Within the Training Portal you can:

- Create a SkillSeeder account for your business

- Create, edit and publish your course details

- Edit your sharer profile (this appears on all your courses) 

- Manage training fund applications and their invoices 



If you are a larger training provider and we take care of your courses and profile automatically, please create an account and we will connect it to your existing courses. This will allow you to manage your training fund applications and invoices.

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Create a Sharer Profile 

The first step is to create a FREE profile for your business. Here you can showcase details about your story and the courses that you offer. You can also further customise your profile by adding your logo.

Manage Courses

Once you've created a profile, you can then create a course listing. You can add as many courses as you wish, and can update or remove them at any time. 

We review each listing before it goes live and where applicable will assign a funded training badge. This makes it quick and easy for people who are seeking funded training, to find suitable courses! 

Manage Funding

We've made it simple to manage your training fund applications. By clicking the 'Manage Funding' section within the portal you can view the status of approved applications from attendees who have requested training for your course(s).

Once you have delivered a funded course, you can upload your invoice and we'll then process the payment of the approved amount.

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Support at every stage

The team at SkillSeeder work in partnership with Lantra Scotland for every Scottish Government training fund that we manage. We strive to ensure that training providers and course applicants are supported at every step during the process.


Communication is key, that's why, in addition to the Training Portal, we will be in touch via regular emails and notifications. If you ever have a question or query, we're here to help. Simply send the team an email via the contact form below and we'll get straight back to you! 


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