You're just a few clicks away from becoming a Skill Sharer 

It's quick, easy and FREE to upload a course on SkillSeeder. Earn extra income whilst helping people in your community to upskill - all skills and industries are welcome. Whether it's music tuition, social media tips, knitting, gardening, carpentry - the possibilities are endless. Become a skill sharer in a few simple steps...

1) Create a FREE account
Start by downloading the app for iPhone or Android to create a Sharer Profile. Or, for desktop, create a FREE account through the SkillSeeder Sharer Hub. 

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2) Create a course
Simply follow the steps to upload your course/class details, such as title, location, learning style (in-person or online), duration and cost. 


Once you've finished, 'publish' your course for the SkillSeeder team to review. We'll dot the I's and cross the T's to make sure your listing is good to go!

3) Manage your bookings

When your workshop/course has been approved, it'll be published as a listing on the SkillSeeder app. It will now appear in the search results listing and will be searchable by people across the UK!

Earn an income doing what you enjoy and make a difference in your community!

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4) Share your Skills

It's time to host your first course/class online or in-person at your chosen location.  

Have a question? We're always here. Simply send a note to and we'll get straight back to you. 

For more information about SkillSeeder download our
information document here.