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We Meet... Kaz Strycharczyk, from Black Sheep Farm Health

We're looking forward to this week's 'We Meet' Facebook live stream when we will be speaking with Kaz Strycharczyk - a veterinary surgeon and partner at Black Sheep Farm Health!

Black Sheep Farm Health is an independent farm animal veterinary practice based in Northumberland. Their caseload is mainly beef and sheep, and the practice has a strong focus on preventative aspects of livestock health, which includes farmer training.

Their courses cover both novice and advanced lambing and calving, medicines stewardship, and weaning the suckled beef calf. The practice also trains other vets in association with organisations such as XLVets and BCVA.

Kaz also recently started a vlog on Youtube called 'Farm Vet Films' ( where he shares what he does day-to-day, as well as some more technical information.

We're really looking forward to chatting with Kaz and look forward to you joining us at 7pm on Thursday 5th August!

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