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SkillSeeder Spotlight with Women's Enterprise Scotland

We're delighted to announce that our next Skill Sharer spotlight video will be with Women's Enterprise Scotland.

Women’s Enterprise Scotland (WES) is a research-led, not-for-profit Community Interest Company which champions women-led and women-owned businesses.

WES was established in 2011 to create a voice for women-owned businesses in Scotland and to promote policy and best practice which enables women to successfully start up and grow their own businesses. The simple fact is that more women-owned businesses in Scotland means more money for the economy. Their research shows that women-owned businesses already contribute a staggering £8.8bn into the economy every year and have created over 230,000 jobs in local communities across Scotland.

We're looking forward to hearing more about the important work WES do and the valuable training that they offer. In the meantime, to find out more visit:

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