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SkillSeeder - Part of the Scottish Government's CivTech programme 2020

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

We are delighted to announce that SkillSeeder have been selected to be part of the Scottish Government's #CivTech Accelerator programme.

CivTech are daring innovation in the public sector by collaboratively solving challenges to make people’s lives better—and in doing so, creating generations of sustainable, high growth businesses

They are doing this by taking problems public sector organisations have and solving them in collaboration with innovative businesses.

Which CivTech Challenge are SkillSeeder addressing? We are working with our challenge sponsor, Lantra Scotland, to provide a solution for Challenge 5 - 'How can technology help develop a skills sharing system that encourages people to engage, and those with expertise to share their skills, in rural and remote locations?'

Join us on our journey as we use technology to create a solution for this challenge. We will be revealing all on Demo Day, on the 2nd February 2021. Registration is now open on the Civtech website -

Follow us on social @SkillSeeder or click the 'notify me' button on the home page of our website to be the first to hear!

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