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NEW: Captis By SkillSeeder

Revolutionise your training business. Discover the next generation of efficiency with Captis.

SkillSeeder works closely with training providers and has become familiar with the challenges that many face. This inspired us to create Captis, a new solution that revolutionises trainer administration.

Captis, by SkillSeeder, makes manual tasks carried out by freelance trainers and training providers over the duration of a training event, from initial booking to completion of the course, more efficient.

Captis allows trainers to:

- Manage course content

- Schedule courses

- Track trainer availability

- Assign trainers to courses

- Market courses

- Manage bookings

- Deliver courses digitally

- Capture course information

- Manage subsidised training

- Gather business insights

Seamless Integration with training management systems (such as ARLO)

Offline operation Captis creates flexibility to work offline when Wifi/4G isn't accessible during a course

We have designed Captis to address the training journey and provide suitable automation to the various steps. The Captis application, supporting Android and iOS, provides a paper free process to help reduce the environmental impact of training, whilst improving efficiency in all areas.

Find out how Captis can benefit your training business. Get in touch today

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