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Care and wellbeing - Do know enough about it?

Dog's just need to simply exist to make us feel better - but as humans helping humans, we need to try a little harder! At SkillSeeder, we think care and wellbeing is a super important topic and we should all be equipped with the skills to recognise any difficulties we, or those around us are suffering from.

We hope that by now you have had a good look around our website but if not, there is the option to search for courses by category. One of these categories is 'Care and Wellbeing' and there are over 900 courses listed under it. There are so many different types courses to have a look through, from those aimed at your own wellbeing, to courses designed to help give you the skills to recognise signs that others might be struggling.

Did you know that in Scotland, GP's have stared 'Social Prescribing'? This is where instead of only prescribing medication, your GP will provide you with the number for walking group, or even recommend gardening or cooking classes to help with your anxieties. On our website, we have courses such as '2 minutes in nature' and 'Art for wellbeing course' under the 'Care and Wellbeing' Category. We have spoken about all of the benefits you can experience from by having a hobby, check out previous blogs if you missed them!

If you are looking to have an qualification for helping others, ’Awareness of mental health first aid’ is a course provided by Dumfries and Galloway College that you can find on our website. This course is suitable for everyone and is designed to give you the knowledge to recognise a suspected mental health condition in someone, the skills to start a conversation with them so that you are then able to direct that person to professional help. This course would be a great steppingstone into the 'First Aid for Mental Health' course. We feel that this is knowledge is invaluable and can only be of benefit to those around you should you have this skill. If you are an employer, it might be an idea to have someone in your team with this qualification? After all we have health and safety officers, mental health should be taken just as seriously.

At the Northeast Scotland College, you can actually do a course about ‘Becoming a Wellbeing Champion’. This course would be ideal if you are looking to have a representative within your organisation who can recognise when people are struggling and might need directed to professional help. Whilst on this course, you will inevitably improve your own wellbeing and hopefully become a role model for others. This course is also online, and you can start it all year round! See Becoming a Wellbeing Champion - North East Scotland College ( if you are interested!

A more simpler way to look after your own wellbeing is just taking time for yourself and you shouldn’t feel guilty for that! Self-care has been proven to reduce stress and anxiety. The School of psychology have an online course called 'Certificate in mindfulness'. Mindfulness is a tool that you can use daily as it is all about being fully present in each moment and can be harnessed into helping you with life's stresses. The course is open to absolutely anyone looking to be able to use mindfulness skills in their every day life.

Feel like learning more about care and wellbeing for yourself or others? Check out the courses we have listed under this category at Care and Wellbeing - SkillSeeder.

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