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Planting Trees

Do you work in the land based sector?
The Scottish Government is working with SkillSeeder to support individuals to improve their skills in relation to climate change.

Finding the right accredited training for sustainable skills can be difficult. SkillSeeder has created a central place to find land based training courses, and to get help with costs. ​

Climate Change Fund

** Due to the volume of applications, the fund is now closed. However, if you would  like to be notified if the fund opens again, please register your interest here

Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Practical Training Fund from the Scottish Government is now open and applications can only be made through SkillSeeder.

Receive £500 or more towards a training course. This fund is open to anyone working in the rural sector who is looking to reduce their carbon footprint and improve sustainability for their business. 

Look for the Climate Change Fund badge! If you see a course listed with this badge, it's eligible for funding. 


Apply Now

£500 or more towards a course
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Funding FAQs

Got a question? We'll help you find the answer. 

What if I can't find the climate change training course that I'm looking for or believe that a course that isn’t listed should have this badge? 

The green skills sector is fast moving and our team are working hard to include a wide range of associated training courses on the SkillSeeder platform. If you can't find the course you a looking for or believe a course should have this badge please let us know! Our team will do all they can to find/appoint a training provider in Scotland who is offering this course for you. Please complete this form with the details of the course you are looking for or believe should have this badge.  

If there is no training opportunity located in Scotland, can I apply for training if it is located elsewhere? 

Provided you are resident in Scotland, and the training is not available or accessible locally, we will consider applications for training located elsewhere. 

Should I apply for funding before booking a course? 
Applicants should submit their application for funding first and should not book a place on a course until they have received approval. Payments cannot be made retrospectively. 

When will I hear if my application has been successful?  
Once you have applied for a course your application may need to be reviewed by a panel. This panel will meet at least every two weeks, and you will be advised as to whether your application for funding has been successful no more than 5 days after that date.  Please wait for confirmation that your application for funding has been successful before booking.


My application for funding has been successful. Who should I contact to arrange a place on my chosen training course?   

If your application for funding is successful, you will be required to contact the training provider of your chosen course within 2 weeks from the date of receiving your email to register your place on the training course. 


I have not received acknowledgement of my application? 

In the first instance please check the status on your application here. If you have further queries concerning the status of your application please contact the SkillSeeder team through the contact form below.  

How soon should I undertake my training? 
Training should be completed within 6 months from the date of your confirmation email, however under exceptional circumstances there may be an opportunity for this to be extended.  


Is the funding available for all courses related to climate change?

At this time, the Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Training Fund is only available for courses within a land-based context. 


What if someone needs assistance with their application? 

Lantra Scotland will provide support to applicants during the application process by phone or email, you can contact them at or on 01738 310164.

What if Covid-19 restrictions impact my course? 
Please note that due to Covid-19 current restrictions, training providers may not be running face to face courses but may add you to the waiting list for the course which will run when any restrictions are lifted. 

What if I can't attend my course? 
If you are unable to attend a course due to mitigating circumstances, please notify ourselves and the training provider as soon as possible. Please note that failure to attend the training course with no reasonable notice or explanation may result in you being liable for the full cost of re-booking the training.   

If I am not a resident in Scotland but work in a land based business in Scotland am I eligible?


I'm a training provider working in this area, how do I get involved with the Climate Change training fund? 
If you're a training provider based in Scotland and would like to be included in the Climate Change Training Badge initiative, please contact the SkillSeeder team


What if I am not eligible for this funding? 

Where alternative funding may be more appropriate Lantra will advise accordingly.


Can I apply to a course that is over £500? 

Training up to the value of £500 per course will be fully funded; any training over the value of £500 per course will be considered and assessed on a case by case basis. Please provide comprehensive details regarding the benefits of this course to your particular situation to allow us to best assess your application.


Can I apply for more than one course?

You can apply for more than one course at a time, though we will only review them one at a time, and so it might be better to apply for the course you want to do first, then apply after you have heard whether or not you have been successful. If you apply for more than one, we will review the first, and place the others on the waiting list until the first has been reviewed, and approved or rejected.


Complaints Procedure
We are committed to providing the best possible service and would like to resolve your complaint as quickly as possible. If you are dissatisfied with our service or a training provider's course, please do let us know. Please see our Complaints Procedure page.

Have a question, or need help with your application?


If you still have a question or need support filling in your application please get in touch via the contact form below. 

Thanks for submitting!

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